2 thoughts on “Hand applique deer and bow tie quilt

  1. After working in the business world for 30 some years I had to quit due to my health. I am home now and have been trying to find a hobby for about 2 years. My grandmother was german pennsylvania dutch and was a wonderful seamstress along with making many many quilts. I am so thankful that I came across your video tutorials. I will subscribe as soon as I can come can up with the money. Long statement for one question. When you put a applique on a quilt are you hand sewing the edges which looks like a satin stitch? Your work is wonderful and am I am anxious to learn off of you. God Bless! Lisa Rohrbaugh

  2. Hi Lisa,
    I really enjoyed your comment. Thank you. I sure hope you will pick up quilting and enjoy it.
    You mentioned that you would subscribe later, but why not subscribe now. You don’t have to buy to subscribe. Once you subscribe it will take you to the page for the free watching of my fabric color coordinating video, and also the first hour of my video course is free for you to watch. It will give you a good idea of whether or not you think you might like to take this class from me, if you can bear to listen to me in your learning to quilt.
    About the applique, yes, I hand stitch my applique. Not to seem like bragging, but even in person, when people see me doing my applique they are surprised that it is done by hand. The trick number one is that it comes with years of regular practice, not lately so much, but a while ago I would work on it every day. Next, the stitch is like a buttonhole stitch, not just a back and forth satin stitch, but a blanket stitch is another term for that stitch. Next, I use only two of the six strands in the embroidery floss, and I use a tiny, thin needle. You can make smaller stitches and closer together if you use a very small and then needle. Explaining and showing how I do this is another video clip I need to have my husband take for me and post to the website.
    I wish you all the best in picking up this relaxing, fulfilling, addicting and totally enjoyable hobby. Feel free to ask questions any time.

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