Shopping bag / Gift bag tutorial

Hi, welcome back to my sewing room.  Last week I made a couple shopping/whatever needs a bag/, bags.  Does that make sense?  Well, you’ll see.  I like to give wedding gifts to friends.  A standard is a basic, simple lap quilt, and then put it in one of my nifty hand dandy shopping bags.

My husband and I have about 6-8 of these, and on this last road trip to California, we used them all.  One to hold shoes, another some pots and pans, another holding my camera, in it’s bag of course, and my flash and other important things.

So many uses for them, and they take up less space than a suitcase in a small Honda Civic like we drive, and they won’t fall apart when they get wet like a paper bag or tear like a plastic bag.  Even though it’s just my husband and I when we travel, we like our added luxuries, so whatever has room in the car, we fill it up.

The shopping/gift bag

Of course we brought camping gear, and dress clothes for 6 days in a bible training. So, our car trunk especially, was packed just so, to fit everything.


Okay, I promised you a tutorial, here it is.

A couple years ago my husband and I lived in an apartment close to mom and dad’s, and I would go back and forth most everyday since my sewing room was at mom’s.  I carried stuff in paper bags, but the handles would tear or the bottom drop out when it got wet.
I figured I’d make a fabric one and my problem would be solved.  I kind of copied the design of the paper bag.  That’s the history of this bag.

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