Hand applique--click photo to see close up

I have made many many applique quilts.  Most of them were baby quilts.  Some years ago I made more of them than now, because I worked as a cashier at a car wash.  Every morning before going to work, I would make sure I had my hand work, my applique, ready to take along.  In between customers, instead of just sitting and twiddling my fingers or just watch TV, I would work on my applique, and still watch TV.

When sitting and waiting, like at a doctor’s office, or when traveling,  I like to bring along my small bag of appliqué.  I always have some project or other that I work on.

Me with my applique bag

I have had this little bag for at least 15 years, and it’s gone all over the world with me.  It’s gotten worn and has marks on it, but I still use it.

There are a couple different types of appliqué.  I’m familiar with both, but one I have by far the most experience with and enjoy the most, is just doing a very small close together button hole or blanket stitch on raw edge fabric.  I attach the fabric pieces with small pieces of wonder-under.  I don’t like to put wonder-under under the whole piece, because it could make it stiffer.  I just tear small pieces and put them on the perimeter of the appliqué piece.

The other appliqué method is needle turn.  For this you add about ¼ inch for seam allowance to your appliqué pattern.  You can glue down the center of the piece and as you begin sew turn under the section that you want to stitch, and make a couple stitches and then turn under some more.  Turn under as you go.

I have done needle turn, but since I’m so familiar with the other type of appliqué, I get impatient with this one.  I’m short on practice.  Whichever one you’ve practiced with more, you will be most comfortable with.  And, as always, remember, practice makes perfect.

Here are pictures of a many of my appliqué quilts.

needle turn applique
Hand applique deer


Hand applique precious moment girl
Hand applique animals








Two applique quilts I made for my nieces.
Mickey Mouse Quilt








Blue's Clue's Quilt I made for a customer.
Little Lamb Applique Quilt








Precious Moment Noah's Ark Applique Quilt
Precious Moment boy Applique Quilt.








Winnie the Pooh Applique Quilt
Pink Winnie the Pooh Applique Quilt

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  1. Martha,

    You made a beautiful quilt for my Mother’s 80th bday last year….where we had squares with each of the kids and grandkids birth dates on them. I am contacting you now to see if you could make a wedding quilt for my daughter who is getting married on Nov 12 2011. Looking forward to working with you again.

    1. I’m excited to hear from you. As you see I’m redoing my website and even have your mother’s quilt on my logo page. I really enjoyed making it for you and look forward to making one for your daughter’s wedding. You can email me with your ideas ect…

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