E.Johnson quilt

“Dear Martha and Annie,
Thank you so much for your beautiful gift. The colors are perfect for Athan’s room. The quilt has definitely come in handy when we put him on the floor to play.” E. Johnson


“Martha,    The quilts are amazing.  They are better than I had imagined!!  I can not wait to show everyone!” C. Jolly


“Hi Martha, I received my quilt today and all I can say is “WOW”.  You did a fantastic job.  I love it.  It is absolutely beautiful.  Thank you soooooo much!!   When I can get some money ahead, I’d like to send you the other kaleidoscope quilt I made if that’s OK with you.  Just let me know if you’d be agreeable to that. Again, I can’t say enough about the beautiful stitching you did.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Sincerely, Connie


“Hi Martha,  I rec’d my quilt yesterday and I love it once again!  Thanks so much.  I’ll be in touch whenever I get another one ready. : )” Connie


Grandmother's quilt

“My Grandmother loved the quilt and the bed skirt. She has had it on her bed ever since Christmas Day.  I’m attaching a photo of her with it.  Thanks again!” D. Strojny


“Dear Martha,  Thank you so much for the beautiful quilting on my quilt.  I was so discouraged about not being able to finish it.  Your stitches  are so small and even!  The embellishments that you added were just right.  I hope that I can get another top together for you in the future, but that will have to wait until after the wedding…Thank you so much!” B. Frame


“Yes I got it.  It turned out great.  My husband told me a box had come in the mail for me and put it aside so our puppy wouldn’t get into it.  I kept telling him I hadn’t ordered anything and I couldn’t figure out what it was. I opened the box up on Saturday and realized “oh yeah – the quilt..”.  Anyway, it did turn out so pretty and I can’t wait to give it to my friend- I know she will love it.” C. Jolly


Brother Bob's scriptural lap quilt

“Dear Martha, I got the package you sent today. It was, as I understand it a scriptural Throw Quilt. It fits perfectly over me from sternum to ankles and I am 6 foot 3 inches tall. In other words, especially with the verses included, it fits me. Therefore, THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH, ITS THE NICEST THING THAT ANYONES EVER DONE FOR ME, from the song of the same name. Thanks again for the scriptural Quilt Throw. I really do like it. My Karen would have used it more than me. Perhaps I should say, appropriated it as her own, the greatest praise for an item. ” Brother bob


“Hi Martha, I rec’d the quilt yesterday and it is lovely.  Thank you so much.  I wish you the best on your upcoming wedding!!” Sincerely, Connie


“Dear Martha, Thanks so much for the Quilt it looks remarkable. Your workmandship is A1+. ”  J. Kaiser.


D.Strojny quilt

“The quilt just arrived.  It is absolutely perfect! Thank you so much!” D. Strojny


“Thank you, Martha Novacek!! The beautiful quilt was at my door when I returned from my Vital Group Dinner meeting. It is great!!! The first being under it was my dog, Muggs. I did not let him get on it. But I spread it on my bed to appreciate both sides and he was on the bed.” Brother bob


B. Frame's quilt

“Martha,  Yes, I received the quilt and it is totally wonderful!  You did a fabulous job on the quilting and the scallops were perfect. It should arrive in Colorado today and I can’t wait to hear my granddaughter’s reaction.  She saw it partially completed so I think that she will really like it.  Granny Wechselberger would have been very pleased that I copied her quilt.  It wasn’t quite a perfect copy, but at least the quilting and scallops were better!

I hope to complete other tops for you, but as you know, I am very pokey.  You are in my address book, but if you should move or change addresses, please let me know. Thanks so much!”

B. Frame


Luana's quilt

“Dear Martha, I received your present, it’s so cute! It’s still the right size for Elisa, no problem”



” I  finally got my Christmas quilt.   I LOVE my quilt! Its awesome! With all the different patterns I picked out I was nervous how it would turn

Rachel's quilt

out but its so great! I think it means even more that my family was helping you decide on the pattern…since I couldn’t/had a difficult time deciding!” Rachel H.


“While looking through the attic of my mother-in-law’s home I found a quilt top that was partially

J.Neely flower garden quilt

completed and in a very bad shape.   The mice had  eaten at it quite a bit besides looking like it had been used as a wipe rag. There was also a stack of squares with it. Since my mother-in-law had passed away years before, I wanted to see if I could preserve this treasure.  Martha did an outstanding job to finish and restore it to a beautiful finished quilt.  She used the extra pieces to cover the badly stained and replaced the destroyed ones (and added some extra pieced flowers to the border).  Her work and stitching was a work of art and perfection.  This will be an heirloom for the grandchildren.”

J. Neely


“My great-grandmother started a quilt about 80 years ago before she died. It was handed down through the family and was recently given to me. I was very touched to receive such a treasure and wanted to display it in my home. I have known Martha

D. Willis Quilt

Novacek for many years, and have seen (and purchased) some of her previous quilting work. I immediately knew that Martha was the perfect person to trust to complete this family heirloom.

My grandmother completed the front side of the quilt, but that was all. I explained to Martha how I would like the quilt finished and she helped me pick out the back fabric.  When she returned it, I was

D.Willis 3 women wall hanging

thrilled and immediately displayed it for all to see!

I also purchased a wall hanging with appliqués of 3 women which Martha created. The work is so well done and exact that many could not believe it was handmade. Her work is beautiful!” D. Willis


“Martha’s work is beautiful, careful, and creative!   I contacted Martha to make a quilt for my mother’s 80th birthday. Since I did not have much knowledge of quilt-making,

C. Yeo's Quilt

Martha was ever so gracious, patient, and helpful in giving me ideas and comments to help shape a quilt that was personal and so lovely.

The result was a quilt that is a masterpiece of beautiful patterns, etched with birthdates of each of the family members and made such a wonderful and memorable gift for my Mom’s special birthday.

Martha’s craftsmanship in quilt-making and her desire to delight her customers…make her a gift to anyone who works with her!” C. Yeo

” Good morning Martha,  Just got back into Peoria late Monday….and yesterday when they delivered the mail…your package arrived.    It arrived safely…..and the quilt is just wonderful.   Love the colors of blue and it all looks beautiful.  Our celebration of Mom’s bday is this Sunday…and know she will be very touched by the sentiment and your gifted handiwork.  Thanks again for all you have done to make this a special birthday now for all of us and for the years to come.” C. Yeo

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