Fun Mug mat photo shoot!

Today I’m posting a blog post draft I wrote back in early November.  Enjoy!!

I’ve recently been enjoying whipping up these cute mug mats.  The ideas keep coming, although they don’t always come out exactly the way I have envisioned them.

Lovely pink roses mug mat!

Today I went outdoors with my mats, cookies and biscotti I baked the other day, and some tea cup sets.  Also brought out some yummy hot chocolate and even some coffee.  Then I picked some lovely roses that are blooming outside, and lovin this lovely fall air we are having.

Inspite of the 20 mph Oklahoma wind today, I enjoyed the shoot outside.  Too bad it wasn’t a real tea party, with friends and all.

I plan to post a tutorial on how I make some of these mats for those of you interested in making some yourselves.   For those of you interested in buying some as gifts for your friends and family, contact me.

Enjoy the slideshow!  Don’t get too hungry 🙂


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  1. LOVE your gorgeous selection of mug mats! the visuals make me want to sit down and enjoy a wonderful hot cuppa tea with a good friend. 🙂

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