Kids loving Quilts

I just love it when I see my nieces and nephews, actually that goes for any kids, love their handmade quilts.

Quilts that are lovingly made for them, either by family members, their mother, or custom made just for them.  Unique, and handmade gifts are always the best.

My niece and her beloved quilt

One of my nieces drags the quilt I made for her all around.  Now when she visited and didn’t have her quilt with her and saw a picture of it, she said she missed it.

Lovingly biting his quilt.

Ohh how special that makes me feel. Almost feels like I get a little bit of that love that a child feels only for it’s mother. Which at times I envy of my sisters, since I can’t have my own children.

My nephew loving his quilt

The other day when I visited my sister, my nephew ran around the house with a quilt his great aunt made for him.  It was so sweet to see him loving his quilt.

My sister says he often smiles when he sees one of his quilts and lovingly touches it.  I guess it spells home, love and comfort to them.


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