How to Make a Mug Mat

How to Make a Mug Mat

I’ve had some requests for a tutorial on how to make a mug mat.

Log Cabin Mug Mat

Basically, it’s just a very small quilt.  I’ve made a slideshow with the audio being my own voice now instead of just music, as I’ve done with my previous slideshows.  I can’t stand listening to myself, but hopefully you can bear with me.

Maybe leave me some response of whether you like it with music, or with my voice audio.

If you make some mug mats following my simple instructions, please post some pics on my Learn How to Make Quilts facebook page

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  1. Personally, I love your voice, Martha. It’s very soft and soothing. 🙂 Thanks for this tutorial! I think I will whip one up for my mom.

    1. Thank You Lisa!! I am planning to post another mug mat tutorial on my Learn How To Make Quilts blog in a couple days, so you will have another choice. I believe they are so cute and also so easy to make. I plan to make a bunch even for myself to have a tea party once we move into our new house.

  2. I love your mats Martha! Thanks for the Tutorial, I sure will be using it!

  3. i love your mug mat idea …u make it easier to make small quilts for my daughter’s dolly

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