I enjoy hand quilting for myself and others.

1. Hand quilting

2. Finish your incomplete quilt

3. Custom make your quilt–just show me a picture, or describe it, or I can give suggestions

4. Hand embroidery,camera strap covers, bags, purses, curtains, placemats, quilty coasters, table runners, pillow shams, let me know what you are considering.

A lady brought me these sunbonnet blocks and I made her a little baby quilt out of them.

I have a family heritage where for

centuries the women have been making quilts for their households.

Therefore, I learned to sew and make quilts at a young age. Over the years I have enjoyed making many quilts for my friends and family. It would be my pleasure to make you a quilt.

Choose a design, the colors, and size and you’ll have a beautiful hand-made quilt, made with tender care, for years to enjoy.

I have finished many quilts at various stages.  Some I finished piecing the top and then hand quilted it.  Some I just added a border and then hand quilted it.

Antique strippy quilt

I have hand quilted many lovely heirloom quilts, which were pieced around the early 1900’s.

This strippy quilt was paper pieced using newspapers to sew the pieces on to prevent the small fabric pieces from stretching.  Then when the


Antique Fan Quilt

whole top is done, you take off the newspaper backing.  From that we found out more or less when the top was pieced, which was around 1950.  It was pretty neat.

This fan quilt was also made around that same time, but different owner.  We added a black border to bring out the black in the quilt therefore making it a more manly quilt.

I can also make your t-shirts into quilts, or put your photos into


T-shirt / baby clothes/photo memory quilt

some memory quilts.  Add memorable baby clothes, or even some clothes and pictures of each year of your child’s early life, as a memory quilt.

Or, if a loved one has passed and you want to make a quilt from their clothes as a memory quilt.

I custom make quilts, the way you want them. I do a lot of sewing projects, bags, curtains, camera strap covers, even some bridesmaid dresses.  I don’t specialize in this since it’s not my favorite part of sewing, even though I can do it well.  I love to hand applique, and hand embroider.

Please contact me via gmail or use the contact form below.

My address is novacek74 at gmail dot com.

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  1. I have a quilt top that was my grandmothers last quilt she made. I am wanting to get it finished by putting a backing on it. What are your prices to finish the quilt?

  2. Hi Celia, let me send you an email. It all depends on the size of the quilt, and how intricate you want it quilted.

  3. I am interested in having a king size quilt made for my wife. I can give it as a for Christmas and then have her get with you to work it out if you do this kind of thing. Can you give me details on what she would need to do and how much you think it would run?

    Thanks so Much,

    Bob Franklin

    1. Well, I would need to see what she wants and how much she wants to be involved. I would say the cost for a king size quilt on the lower end would run about 450. I will email you and we can discuss this further in detail.

  4. Hi, I have a quilt top it’s a little larger then a queen, but not quite a king. I’m wanting to have it finished. Just a simple backing. What kind of prices do you run?

    1. If you could email me a picture of the quilt and how detailed you would like to have it quilted, then I could give you an estimate of the price. Also, would you be supplying the batting and the backing, or would you want me to supply those?

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