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I warmly welcome you to Custom Care Quilts. My name is Martha Penner (Novacek-married name), and I have a family heritage where for centuries the women have been making quilts for their households. So, I learned to sew and make quilts at a young age. Over the years I have enjoyed making many quilts for my friends and family. It would be my pleasure to make you a quilt. Choose a design, the colors, and size and you’ll have a beautiful hand-made quilt, made with tender care, for years to enjoy.

Learn How To Make a Quilt with my Beginner’s Video Quilting Instructions –A “watch and follow along” Stitch by Stitch Beginners Quilt Making course – You’ll create 3 cute & easy quilts step by step (over 80 video tutorials)!

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  1. Hi Martha!! 🙂

    Do you by any chance to “t-shirt” quilts? I know that they are NOTHING compared to your beautiful quilts but I’ve been wanting to find someone to make a t-shirt quilt with all of T.J.’s favorite old t-shirts as a surprise birthday present… let me know if this is something you do 🙂

    1. Hi Kelly, sure I can make a t-shirt quilt. I’d love to make one. If you go to my “learn how to make quilts” facebook page you will see some pictures I uploaded. I made a quilt top for a lady with some t-shirt pieces and also other clothes, but there are lots of designs you can choose from.

      1. actually I just uploaded one of the t-shirt quilt top pics to my “custom order” page

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