Sneak peek!!

I made a couple shopping bags last week, and intended to post a tutorial for you quilters and seamstresses out there.

I have been learning how to do this blogging “thing” on my website and also adding new pages to my website.  Unfortunately, for a lot of it, I often need my husband’s help.  So, needless to say, sometimes my tirade of questions, especially when he’s working on his own website at his computer, can become a frustration to him.

Okay, so slow it down.  I guess I was going overboard with my questioning.  I can always do a post another day.  A tirade of questions when you’re trying to accomplish something?  Who wouldn’t get frustrated.  I would for sure.  We just don’t consider when we are the ones with the questions.

He does help me a lot lot lot, and is most patient with me.  I really really appreciate him. I couldn’t do this without him.  He is such a great support to me.

Here’s a picture of the bag to wet your appetite. 🙂

shopping/gift bag with quilt spilling out

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